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Hello, My name is Sarita and I am a mum of 2 lovely children! My daughter is aged 11 and my son is 13 yrs old. I started an after school Cookery club at my chidrens Primary school and decided to start classes for younger children from age 2.5 years old soon after.  I've been running successful cookery clases now for 4 years. Having children of my own I can totally relate to children being abit fussy with different tastes, textures and trying new dishes.  My classes help children to taste, feel, smell and explore food!! They enjoy getting stuck in and getting creative.  We make baked savoury and sweet food, however nothing is fried and recipes are made as healthy as possible.


I love seeing the childrens faces light up when they see what they have made. Baking gives children a real sense of pride and achievement, enhanced fine motor skills, boosts self confidence and teaches a valuable life skill. I provide children with a safe environment and one where they can feel relaxed, happy and have fun. There are activities for the children while food is baking and classes are well structured so children are always kept busy.  I provide the aprons, containers to take food home in and all the ingredients.  You just need to turn up and have fun cooking:)



"My 3 year old son Jacob and I love attending Sarita's amazing cooking class! They always cook amazing recipes from the best gingerbread men I've ever tasted to yummy homemade pizza. They always have lots to do independently which my son loves but Sarita is always there to help guide them through it and talk about the ingredients, ask them questions etc. My son is always so focused in class and she makes it fun and exciting! 


Whilst the food is cooking she takes the kids away to do a related activity or story time and the mums get to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a chat. A perfect way to spend an afternoon, the kids are happy and so are! My son looks forward to it every week and we love eating our goodies later!"

Jo mum to Jacob


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