Kids Cookery parties
Kids Cookery parties
Cookery classes for Kids
Cookery classes for Kids

Minchefs Summer Cookery Camp - July 2021

Superfun Summer 

Cookery & Art Camp! 



 With restrictions easing further after mid July Creation station and Minichefs join together to offer a Super Fun Cookery and Art summer Camp.


The Summer Camp will run from Monday 26th July – Friday 30th July and the timings will be from 11:00am – 2:00pm.

Monday and Tuesday are fully booked!


 MINICHEFS Children will learn how to make delicious ice cream, fabulous bakes, scrummy pastries, fresh breads and on Friday they will make their own lunch.


CREATION STATION As well as cookery, they will have fun doing Arts and crafts activities with the award-winning Creation station. Activities will include drawing, painting, sculpting and being creative! The Summer Camp promises to be educational, fun and inspiring. Aprons, utensils and containers will all be provided for children to take home their creations.


Classes will be COVID compliant to keep everyone safe. I am also fully DBS Checked.


Classes are £23 per day however, if you book for the whole 5 days you save £10 and it is £105.


Classes will be held in the Minichefs kitchen at 57 Brycedale Crescent, Southgate, N14 7EX.  The age range is from 7 years old – 11 years old and children will be dropped off and picked up giving you 3 hours to catch up on things! Your child will need to come with a packed lunch apart from Friday.


Baking is a brilliant way to help boost your child’s confidence, it unleashes creativity, improves concentration, and gives a sense of achievement. Arts and Crafts helps immensely with a child’s emotional well-being. It is a great outlet for children to express themselves, helps to ease anxiety, improves problem solving skills and gives them a real sense of purpose. 



Please contact Sarita on: 07946 507119 or email 



What parents say........


"Mini chefs at home is brilliant! It is perfect for children and for parents. The pack is prepared in such a manner that the children can independently bake. It is a wonderful and innovative idea, that brings joy to children! Thank you Sarita".

Elena mum to Vasilia year 5


"I have been using Minichefs during lockdown and it's been great, the kids love the recipes and it's a lot of fun baking together. The neatly packaged bags delivered to the door make it very easy,  and it means I don't need to worry about looking for a good recipe, having the right ingredients at home or getting the proportions right, a welcome stress reliever for parents.
The recipes are easy to follow and the kids can manage a lot of it themselves, they love reading the recipe and mixing the ingredients together almost as much as they like eating the results! The videos have been really helpful as well. Minichefs has been fantastic and I would warmly recommend it to any parent, Sarita is very responsive and helpful."
Cornelia, mum to Aldo 8 years old and Sienna 5 years old



"Well done! You have moulded to the current situation with everyone being locked away and still needing to do things with their kids. I'm soooooo impressed!"

Yaz, mum to Nev 6 years old, Attila 5 years old and Shen 3 years old





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