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Kids Cookery parties
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Cookery classes for Kids

Minichefs at Home


March - June 2021


At Minichefs we have made cooking possible for your children during these challenging times. We are providing fun cookery packs to your door with ingredients that are weighed and packed under the strictest of hygiene standards (as always). More details below:


  • Each pack will contain a copy of the recipe and there is also a demonstration video should you require that too.
  • Muffin tins, cutters, rolling pins and bowls can be borrowed and will be delivered if required. We will collect on the next delivery
  • All ingredients for recipes will be delivered except for items such as milk, salt and water.
  • Minichefs at home cookery packs will provide the flexibility to bake when you want and to enjoy baking with your children.
  • Deliveries are every  Tuesday between 5pm - 6pm.  We knock and leave your pack outside.
  • If your child would like to do online classes with a group of their friends (minimum 3) please let me know and I will see if I can fit you in with a slot. 
  • Mothers Day, Easter and fun summer recipes to look forwar to!






£11 per child and £6 for siblings per recipe delivered




What parents say........


"Mini chefs at home is brilliant! It is perfect for children and for parents. The pack is prepared in such a manner that the children can independently bake. It is a wonderful and innovative idea, that brings joy to children! Thank you Sarita".

Elena mum to Vasilia year 5


"I have been using Minichefs during lockdown and it's been great, the kids love the recipes and it's a lot of fun baking together. The neatly packaged bags delivered to the door make it very easy,  and it means I don't need to worry about looking for a good recipe, having the right ingredients at home or getting the proportions right, a welcome stress reliever for parents.
The recipes are easy to follow and the kids can manage a lot of it themselves, they love reading the recipe and mixing the ingredients together almost as much as they like eating the results! The videos have been really helpful as well. Minichefs has been fantastic and I would warmly recommend it to any parent, Sarita is very responsive and helpful."
Cornelia, mum to Aldo 8 years old and Sienna 5 years old



"Well done! You have moulded to the current situation with everyone being locked away and still needing to do things with their kids. I'm soooooo impressed!"

Yaz, mum to Nev 6 years old, Attila 5 years old and Shen 3 years old



Please contact Sarita on: 07946 507119 or email to book a delivery




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